Anyone with an interest in supporting nonprofit charities in the West Michigan area is welcome to join us! To become a member, please fill out the Registration and Commitment Form. Here is how it works:

  • Women Who Care meetings are held 4 times a year.
  • Members bring a blank check and commit to donating $100 at each quarterly meeting – or $400 per year.
  • Members will vote by ballot on the nominated charities. Since the majority rules, members are responsible for writing their checks to the charity that receives the most votes – even if the charity the member votes for doesn’t win.

Charity Nominations

Members who wish to submit a charity for consideration may do so by completing a ballot at the meeting. 3 ballots will be chosen by random drawing at the meeting.

  • Each member who nominates a chosen charity will have 5 minutes to present a case for selecting that charity for the group’s donation.
  • If the organization you nominate is selected for consideration at a meeting, you will be allotted 5 minutes to make your case. Presentations should be simple and not overly formal – no PowerPoint, handouts or other marketing materials. Click here for Talking Points (pdf) on how to present.

Members who nominate a nonprofit should be prepared to speak briefly and answer a few questions from the members, such as:

1.Name and location of the organization.
2.Who is served by the organization?
3.What do they do? How does this benefit the community?
4.Are they a recognized nonprofit organization/501(c)(3)?
5.How will the funds be used? Will they go towards a specific program or the nonprofit’s general budget?
6.Who is responsible for the program/activity/organization that the funding will benefit?
7.What is the annual budget of the nonprofit?
8.What is the size of the staff?

Charities that do not receive the most votes are eligible for nomination at a future meeting however, once a donation is made to an organization, it is not eligible for another nomination for 2 years.


Checks should be made out directly to the selected charity at the end of the meeting. All checks are collected and presented to the selected charity.

  • Women Who Care Holland-Zeeland does not administer any of the donations and does not retain any percentage. All proceeds go directly to the selected charity.
  • Tax deduction receipts will be sent directly to each member from the selected organization. You can also use your canceled check as documentation of your contribution.

Meeting Location

PORT 393